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            外貿客戶聯系聯系突然就不回郵件了,我們心里肯定會很難受,不知所措,那么我們該怎么做呢?是繼續傻傻的等待,還是不理了客戶呢?實際上客戶不回原因肯定是他自己的想法的,如果你是有經驗的外貿業務, 太多客戶, 一個個的跟進, 費神, 費力。為何不作出一份有效地跟進郵件表呢? 讓客戶跟著你的節奏走。個人覺得效果還是不錯, 大家可以根據自己的情況作些改變, 做出一份屬于自己的文件吧!會讓你在跟進客戶的時候省時省力!

            剛給客戶報價了之后一定要做到勤跟進。在第一個月最好能夠跟進到十次以上, 后續就客戶情況可以放緩步伐了。

            報完價后第一件事情就是詢問客戶對于我們報價的看法, 評價,并且要問幾次。 很多人都知道, 有一部分客戶在這個時候就會給你回復了的。


            Dear xxx,

            Hope everything goes well with you!

            Have you kindly checked my offer? Hope they are workable for your market! It is regret that I haven't received any information from your side. May I have your idea about our offer? We will try to satisfy you upon receipt of your reply.

            If there is anything we can do for you, we shall be more than pleased to do so.

            Hope we can build good cooperation with you and your company.

            Best regards


            Dear xx

            How are you recently?

            Several days no news from you have you got my enquiry for xxxx? Fully understand that you are too busy to reply us. But we are still await for your comments. We need your feedback to go ahead. Thank you in advance.

            Many thanks and best regards.


            Hello, xxx,

            Wish you have a nice day!

            May I ask whether you have received my quotation? Now I am sending it again, if you have any other ideas. Please feel free to contact me. We will do much better if you can give any advices to us.

            Waiting for your favorable reply soon!

            Best wishes


            Hello, xxx,

            Hope everything goes well! It’s Judy.

            We are in receipt of your inquiry dated on xxx and quote you as follow: XXXXXXX . pls kindly check whether price is workable ? Becasue price will be invalid on xxxx.

            Wish we will promote business.

            Best regards.

            好吧, 關于客戶的這次詢價問了這么多還沒有回復的話, 我們最后一次問一下, 然后進行詢盤的轉化吧。


            Good day! My friends, Judy again.

            My quotation of xxx you might have received and considered. Could you kindly advise your comments at your earliest convenience?

            Enclosed is the E-catalog of Kington, please kindly check! If there is any item you are in need of, please contact me! I’ll be more than pleasure to offer the information you want. Thanks…

            I am of service at any time!


            這個時候差不多半個月過去了, 我們要學著挖掘客戶的其他訂單需求了。


            Hello, my friends,

            Have u received and checked the E-catalog send in my last email? Hope they are workable for your market! If you find some product really attractive to you, please feel free to contact us. We are more than pleasure to offer you with more information that you want.

            If you want to estimate the products show, yes, sample can be sent for your reference!

            We hope can establish a good business relationship with you in the near future.

            Best regards


            Dear xx

            I hope you are doing good.

            Have you got any new orders ? pls keep me posted if yes, i will send you our updated price for your review.

            Best regards.


            Dear xxx,

            Free sample can be sent for your reference if you need. How's your opinion?

            As our serveral communication, I hope that we can build a cooperation between us.

            Waiting for your reply.

            Best wishes


            Dear xxx,

            I have sent you email many times before but have not received any reply from you so I am guessing the emails have not reached you.

            Could you please drop me a short note if you receive this message and also please tell me if you have any interest in our products? I don’t want to keep bothering you if you don’t have any interest

            Best regards


            Dear xxx

            Good morning !

            It is glad to inform you that we have lanched xxx ,which with xxxx優勢特點 such as perfect design, low noise, light weightxxxx.

            Attached with xx and xx for your reference and pls have a try in your market if possible.

            Best regards.


            我們的報價以及目錄表都發過了。 但是我們在工廠做外貿的知道, 很多大公司需要的是很長期的跟進的。 這時候我們把我們的價格表微微的調整一下,發給客戶。 以價格的調整刺激一下客戶。


            Dear xxx,

            How are you? Long time no contact and hope everything goes weill with you.

            Our products and quotation had updated .Would u pls check our new quotation with new items in attachments ?If have any questions,pls contact me freely.

            Best regards.


            Hello, xxx,

            Now I am writing for keeping in touch with you for further business.

            If any new inquiry, welcome here and I will try my best to satisfy you well with competitive prices as per your request. By the way, how about your order (or business) with item ***? If still pending I would like to offer our latest prices to promote an opportunity to cooperate with each other. Thanks and best regards, Kevin
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