What people are saying...

“All the songs [on the band's CD "Red Roots"] are originals, penned by Andy and displaying an insight and depth not usually associated with teenagers, and his singing voice also sounds mature and soulful. He is a master of Blues and roots guitar styles...

Norman Darwen, Blues Matters! Issue 57 (Dec/Jan)

“When we are met with the abject Blues failures of fail-safe luminaries like Eric Clapton and Cyndi Lauper — getting a fresh breath of the Blues with 16-year-old Andy Poxon — is just the tonic we need to keep on skiffling.

David W Boles, Boles Blues blog, Oct 2 2010

“Andy astounds us with his passionate blues guitar playing. He takes the stage and the audience becomes wrapped in his playing and his singing. His voice is giving a new level to his already super guitar playing."

B. Salottolo, Director, Youth Arts Forum, Sept. 2009

“The combination is particularly potent in the figure of Poxon, whose big, mature voice is even more surprising coming from a gangly teenager with a wild head of red hair.”

Washington Post, August 27, 2009

"Andy is a 14 year old singer / guitar player of enormous ability. A big mature voice emanates from a pale blue eyed boy with a huge red head afro - you can't believe how strong that voice is. And he is an absolute wiz on guitar. The combination of the vocals and guitar is as good as it gets. At 14 yet. And he's all about the blues. You will be hearing from this kid."

Steve Keirn, Blues Nation Thread, Baltimore Blues Society Forums, 2008

Quotes from fans...

"If you were [at the 2010 Baltimore Book Festival] Saturday, chances are good that you saw this guy; chances are even better that you saw his hair. But seriously, Andy Poxon is 16 years old, looks 12, and can shred a guitar like nobody’s business. He’s an accomplished blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist with a full-fledged 13-song album, and he’s not even out of high school yet! You can listen to the songs on his website, download them, or even buy the CD. And I definitely recommend it."

Roger William Market, rogermarket.com blog, September 26, 2010

"I saw this 15 year old kid at Bangkok Blues Friday night, he's an amazing guitar player, singer, and song writer. Definitely check him out if you get a chance. Lot's of guys have been called the next Clapton, but this kid is the real deal, and he has a better afro than Eric ever did."

Washington Nationals Fan Forum, October 4, 2009

"Saw 14 y.o. blues/blues rock guitar player/vocalist/songwriter phenom Andy Poxon live last night for the first time. See www.andypoxon.com. I am blown away. If you do not hear of him as a performer in the future, for whatever reason, I am convinced at the least famous performers will be playing songs he will have written."

Badger & Blade Forum, June 28, 2009

"Andy poxon sure looks funny but damn can he play! And only 15 yrs old!"

Washington Gardener tweet from 2010 Silver Spring Blues Festival